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GEDI Foundation

Reduce tax liability and increase world potential

GEDI Foundation's Mission

The GEDI Foundation seeks to promote equitable investment in female and diverse founders with innovative solutions for achieving the Sustainable Development Goals. Our mission is to bring investment in talented male and female founders closer to par.


How the Foundation Works

The GEDI Foundation is an extraordinary force for good and a group of primarily female futurists, techies, etc who are launching this fund and believe in tangible impact. They got together with Future Brilliance to evacuate the Green Eyed Afghan Girl.

The GEDI values of Quality Education and Good Health and Well Being are also being realized via special purpose technology, public-private and strategic partnerships with organizations supplying business skills development, ESL, and online therapy for female asylum seekers. The GEDI Foundation is building a path from which women can transform their experiences into global change through entrepreneurial creation. The long game worth playing.

Image by Alyssia Wilson
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