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23andMe: Thanksgiving for Family

Happy Thanksgiving for those of you in the United States today. Many of you will spend the day with family, and for everyone around the world, tis rapidly the season for togetherness, Christmas markets, and long postponed holiday parties.

23andMe is a female founded unicorn that started with a bougie party trick of ancestry, expanded to a mass market approach to learn about your place in the family tree of history, and now is using that data to keep you and yours alive. The company reached unicorn status recently and has a bright outlook as it expands into using its collected treasure trove of human DNA data into cancer drugs and a variety of other medicinal possibilities. Have you thoughts about your DNA privacy? Have you thought about the where the data to get that famous 'personalized medicine' will come from? 23andMe founder Anne Wojcicki has.

So as you sit down with family and give thanks for their health, give this a thought.

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