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Clearco: Funding isn't just about equity

As a tremendous believer in alternative investment structures, I am thrilled to write about Clearco: a female-founded business that helps small companies and startups grow through non-equity financing.

What's great about this new unicorn?

It's simple and fast: founders go to their website and apply quickly and easily and can get funding in days or weeks, not months.

It's flexible: revenue based financing (RBF) and even middle inventory purchase (where Clearco buys from the startups' supplier to meet MOQ or other needs and then resells to the startup) are two of the main mechanisms. Great alternative to a business that has great traction and just needs leverage!

Women led companies statistically have better revenue based traction (for their size/investment) than their male-founded competitors, so this is a great way to spur growth from founders who are adding real value to the economy NOW. In fact, Clearco funds women led businesses 8X more than the average VC! Love to see it, great work from Michele Romanow.

Article to read more:

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